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What is a new in SM-Diar ?

SM-Diar 2.1
Sm-Diar 2.1 brings numerous changes and improvements. The most of them were carried out on the base of users proposals.
  • besides data looking up is added the option of filtration as well
  • changeover with Windows address book
  • option of data synchronization
  • option to backup and restore of data directories
  • option to change of data sequence in accordance with user request
  • option to send e-mail (connection with Outlook program)
  • simplification of the work in creation of the forms
  • scheduling is completely overworked
  • option to display of tasks after of the certain time intervals (day, week, month)
  • option to counterpoint of particular task in colour
  • option to assign the tasks in time interval
  • option to edit or erase more tasks together
  • option to elect particulary for every task whether it to be reminded or not
SM-Diar 2.2
  • option to assign priority of task
  • option generate backup
  • repare bug to create backup file
  • better display tasks of "Guard" module
SM-Diar 2.3
  • more possibilities for printing reports
SM-Diar 3.0
  • option of using by more users, option to create own data bases protected with password
  • in module "Address" the possibility has been added to create of user´s data items, where is
  • possible to change of position and size anyhow you want, also to change of data type of new item as well
  • linkage of module "Address" and "Tasks"
  • option for export of data files into format *.xml, *.xls, *.dbf
  • option for import of data from format *.dbf, where data structures of imported charts need not be in accordance with charts in program of SM - Diar
  • option to change over of users while program is running
  • control of screen saver and internet browser directly from program of SM - Diar
  • printing of reports from all data sources in a program of SM- Diar
  • repetitive printing of one label on whole screen
  • improvement display of tasks
  • implementation of function "Project", "Partial project" and "Owners" in tasks
  • option to plan of start of files in a module "Tasks"
  • display of tasks in three structure
  • display of tasks through whole window
  • absolutely new function "Detail" displays details on tasks and make of editation more simple
  • new module "Links" makes possible to record of the position of any file or internet message on local disc or in a net
  • linkage of module "Links" and "Tasks"
  • option of simply recording of references by system "drag and drop"
  • new SM -Diar works with other data format, for users of older version is created function for conversion of data files
SM-Diar 3.1
  • option make a good telephone call ( be used MAPI interface Windows)
  • great safeness, at data storage
  • absolute support the English language
SM-Diar 3.2
  • added track bar in "Reports" modules
  • solved "Find" function in "Reports" modules
  • added option save any type reports (envelope too)
  • added support plug-ins modules
SM-Diar 3.3
  • net working possibility (LAN, peer to peer)
  • net working without on server in so-called "Disconnect regime" possibility
  • net guide
  • new tool panel "ala Outlook"
  • print guide
  • internal structure module "Reports" modification (for future extension requirements)
  • addresses distributing into subgroups possibility
  • failure correction in task module
  • filter expansion in "Task" module at "Complete" and "Failure" item
  • possibility to form tasks uplink and in descending order
  • new function "Clone tasks" for repeated import of that same text
  • added status bar
  • added envelope print preview
SM-Diar 3.4
  • new function automatic assembly address
  • ability separate capital and lower case literae at filtration
  • reparation little inaccuracy at display tasks
  • usage templet at print labels

SM-Diar 3.5
  • added IBAN item
  • upgrading address filtration
  • little safety fuse at back-up
  • improvements control with ability pays over e-banking into "Guard" module
  • register and recall invoice
  • register and recall periodical payments SR and ČR
SM-Diar 3.6
  • reform updates periodical pais SR and CR
  • upgrading modulus "Guard"
  • ability data entry in "Links" module customer types files
  • dated switch-over module addresses-reports
  • editing and clearing file types into modulus "Links"


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